The NC Telehealth Network (NCTN) provides high-speed, reliable, and cost-efficient broadband services with large discounts to eligible public and non-profit health care providers in North Carolina through a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Program called the Healthcare Connect Fund. For more information regarding this permanent program that was established in December 2012, refer to the Healthcare Connect Fund Fact Sheet.

Substantial Savings

The NCTN provides permanent 65% discounts for eligible providers through the FCC’s Healthcare Connect Fund program:

  • Typical savings at a clinic site with 10 Mbps service is thousands of dollars each year
  • Typical savings for a large hospital with a high speed service of 1 Gbps is tens of thousands of dollars each year

Description of increased available bandwidth The NCTN Dedicated Network Advantage

The NCTN is a dedicated network for health care providers in NC. “Dedicated” means that the communications of NCTN subscribers don’t go over the Internet, so they aren’t exposed to the delays, reliability issues, and extra security risks of the Internet.

The NCTN offers of bandwidth (e.g., a 100 mbps link) are backed by a network design that delivers the amount of throughput stated. The industry terminology defines the NCTN as a non-blocking network. For example, a “100 mbps” NCTN link provides 100mbps of throughput bi-directionally simultaneously on the NCTN itself and through the Internet connection points. This is in contrast to typical commercial offerings where the stated bandwidth is provided only on a “best effort” basis and frequently is over-subscribed so that the actual throughput varies below the service’s nominal bandwidth.

Fast, Secure, & Reliable Service

  • Allows communications between NCTN sites without sending data over the public internet
  • Supports critical access and first responder sites
  • Enables high-demand applications such as video, telehealth, remote EHR, HIE, medical images, and more

Technology is transforming health care and driving innovation through robust broadband connections

  • Allows rural health care providers to treat patients locally through enabling  access to specialists, quickly exchanging large medical images and electronic health records, and training health care personnel via video conference
  • Lowers health care costs through reduced patient transfers and access to specialists
  • Provides the speed and reliability needed for disaster response, immunizations, and communicable disease reporting

Are You Eligible?

  • Both public and non-profit health care organizations are eligible for FCC program discounts
  • There are also options for savings for in-eligible sites

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