Who We Are

The NC Telehealth Network (NCTN) is a consortium of public and non-profit health care providers in North Carolina. The NCTN provides broadband services with large discounts to eligible public and non-profit health care providers in North Carolina through a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Program called the Healthcare Connect Fund. For more information regarding this permanent program that was established in December 2012, refer to the Healthcare Connect Fund Fact Sheet.

The NCTN has been in continuous operations since 2010 to an initial group of about 120 public and non-profit health care providers. These include public health sites, non-profit hospitals, FQHCs, free clinics, rural health clinics, mental health clinics and associated data centers. Our initial subscribers received a combined $12.1M through the FCC’s Rural Healthcare Pilot Program in subscription discounts.

The NCTN is the recipient of the 2011 Public Leadership Award from the NC Technology Association.

Statewide Connectivity

The NCTN was built through a successful collaboration of key partners:

The Cabarrus Health Alliance is the program coordinator. MCNC, in collaboration with the NC Department of Information Technology and other private carriers, is the broadband service provider

NCTN Consortium Benefits

  • Lowers administrative costs
  • Reduces time associated with complex regulatory compliance
  • Facilitates the sharing of medical, administrative, and technical expertise
  • Systems integrator provides technical support and works closely with other service providers