It’s easy to learn more about NCTN’s available services for your organization, their cost, and the available discount. Just contact us to let us know you are interested in getting started. There is no obligation to buy NCTN’s services unless you decide to sign a subscription agreement in the “Proceed with enrollment” step below.

enrollment3Service/Eligibility Definition  

An NCTN representative will facilitate  an introductory call in order to gather your organization’s site specific information, eligibility for FCC discounts,  and  discuss service options of interest. Some complex cases may require more than one call.  Subsequently, we will provide pricing for the service options of interest in the next step. This includes a free, no obligation quote for these options.

Proceeding with Enrollment

At the enrollment phase, we gather the information needed to join the NCTN consortium and complete the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF) registration forms. The documents include:

  • Instructional Memo describes how to complete the package of documents.
  • The NCTN Membership Agreement (MA) contains the legal and financial responsibilities between CHA as the NCTN consortium leader, and the subscriber. Signing the NCTN membership doesn’t commit a site to buying anything from anyone, but we cannot obtain discounts without this form being completed.
  • (For eligible sites) The Letter of Authorization (LOA) gives the USAC (the administrators of the FCC discount program) the right to treat CHA, the NCTN Consortium Leader, as the party responsible for completing USAC forms. Signing the NCTN membership doesn’t commit a site to buying anything from anyone, but we cannot obtain discounts without this form completed.
  • The NCTN HCF subscription agreement (SA) is the legal contract for specific broadband services at specific sites and prices between each organization and the consortium leader (CHA). This is also needed to obtain any discounts.
  • The eligibility spreadsheet gathers information that is required to register a site with USAC. This includes information such the site contact, eligibility type, and the NPI number and taxonomy code. It is needed to obtain discounts.
  • (For ineligible sites) The Letter of Exemption (LOE) documents any ineligible sites and their connection with the eligible sites (if applicable).
  • (In some cases) The USF Certification documents whether the traffic on one or more of the services have 90% or more internal enterprise traffic (as opposed to traffic bound to or from the Internet). Services with >10% Internet traffic require the NCTN network vendor to pay a fee to the Universal Service Fund (USF).

Confirming Enrollment

After a site has been successfully registered with USAC, we proceed to request discounts for each eligible service. Once discounts are confirmed, the subscription agreement is countersigned and implementation begins. For subscribers in a hurry to establish service, there is a method called DELAYEDDISCOUNTS that goes much faster. We may suggest this option to you, but feel free to ask about this option if a faster implementation may be of help to you.