NCTN Renewal Success

Over the last year, the majority of NCTN subscribers have come to the end of their initial contracts and have been faced with the choice to renew their services or switch to another provider.  They have overwhelmingly chosen to remain with NCTN. The North Carolina Telehealth Network (NCTN) renewal rate is an industry-leading 99.95%.   By contrast, on average about 10% of the country’s broadband users switch services each year.

This extraordinary customer loyalty is the result of NCTN’s high quality reliability and service and its competitive pricing. From the beginning, NCTN has recognized the evolving and increasingly critical role that broadband connectivity plays in the safe and effective practice of healthcare.  With this in mind, NCTN selected a strong and highly-regarded service provider, MCNC, an established nonprofit with a statewide networking presence.  NCTN has collaborated with MCNC to leverage a state-of-the-art networking infrastructure, to provide proactive technical support services 24/7, and to regularly monitor traffic to assure the network performs consistently at a high level.   Due to the NCTN’s commitment to highly reliable, high-quality connectivity, the NCTN experiences an average uptime and an average response time of repair among the best in the industry.

NCTN’s purpose is to provide an affordable, high-quality dedicated broadband network to nonprofit healthcare providers throughout the state of North Carolina with a particular focus on rural providers. This connectivity is essential if our state’s providers are to take advantage of rapidly changing health information technology in a time when policy makers and providers are engaged in health care reform to reduce costs and increase the quality of care.  Our extraordinary customer loyalty tells us that NCTN is on the right track and reinforces our commitment to provide the best in broadband services.

Slides Available from HealthNet Work Group Meeting

Dave Kirby, NCTN Project Manager, presented “Getting the Broadband Services Your Health Care Organization Needs at a Price You Can Afford” for the ORH HealthNet Group on April 27, 2016. Download the slides here.

Upcoming 2015 Fall Conferences at which you can learn more about NCTN
September 11, 2015

NCHICA 21st Annual Conference & Exhibition
September 13-16
Pinehurst Resort, Pinehurst, North Carolina

North Carolina Public Health Association
2015 Fall Educational Conference
September 16-18, Winston-Salem

2015 N.C. Rural Assembly
September 28-29, 2015
Embassy Suites Raleigh – Durham/Research Triangle

2015 MCNC Community Day
November 12-13, 2015
Wake Forest University, Winston Salem

HCF Funds Flowing Since July, 2015
September 11, 2015

The NCTN is pleased to announce that our recent Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF) funding requests were approved in July. Implementation for new and upgraded services have now begun for contracted subscribers that were waiting for these funds to be approved. To date, NCTN has received approval for $9,785,000 in HCF discount dollars for our subscribers. These funds subsidize eligible service costs for NCTN subscribers up to 65% of the total service costs. So, that eligible NCTN subscribers pay, roughly, only 1/3 of the service costs while the HCF pays the other 2/3.

USAC’s website provides a summary detail of the funding commitment for the HCF program to date.

Now that NCTN has successfully navigated the process for requesting the HCF funds, we are glad to work with you to determine if you are eligible. Please contact us for a no obligation quote.

NCTN Reliability Put to the Test
May 5, 2015

Providing broadband service that is disaster-resistant is a key goal for NCTN. Having the internet connection be “up” is increasingly important for a greater share of NC healthcare providers critically dependent on remote EHRs, telehealth services, email etc.  This is especially the case when bad weather brings in more patients and emergencies.

February was an especially hard month in NC with widespread power outages going on for long periods. The NCTN’s infrastructure was, therefore, put to an important test in this period. We are glad to report that the NCTN had no outages in February among the many hospitals, public health agencies, FQHCs, mental health clinics and others we serve.

But, highly reliable service does not mean super expensive service. NCTN broadband services for public and non-profit health care providers who are eligible for discounts under the FCC’s HCF program are priced at about 35% of the full cost with the FCC’s program picking up the other 65%. If you are interested in connecting to the NCTN, please contact us for a no obligation quote.  We look forward to helping you become a part of our success story!

NCTN offering broadband including permanent 65% discount
August 22, 2014

NCTN is now offering broadband services that include the permanent 65% discount from the FCC’s Healthcare Connect Fund. This new NCTN phase will be used to extend discounted service for current NCTN customers who are aging out of the pilot program and to provide discounted service to many new public and non-profit healthcare providers. Could that be you? Please contact us today to learn more and to receive a free, no-obligation quote!

Slides from NCTN webinar now available
August 22, 2014

Download the slides from the NC Telehealth Network: Broadband Services to Support NC Health Activities webinar hosted at the end of July. Topics covered include:

  • Overview of the FCC’s federal Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF) program, a program to provide 65% discounts on broadband services for public and non-profit healthcare providers
  • Overview of the NCTN, a state-wide broadband network designed to provide broadband services for healthcare providers while leveraging the discounts in the HCF program
  • Contact information and next steps for your healthcare organization to get started.