MCNC/DIT Resources

For NCTN billing questions, contact:

Kristin Boatright, MHA
Cabarrus Health Alliance

Site or Contact Changes

Existing subscribers must notify NCTN within 10 days of any site changes or contact changes. Email us at We are required to report all of these changes to USAC:

  • Site ownership changes
  • Site address changes
  • Primary contact information updates (name, email, phone) – these contacts are named in the various agreements and authorizations with NCTN
  • Physical site contact updates (name, email, phone) – these are the contacts listed as being physically located at a site
  • Change in the number of licensed beds for hospitals

Service Changes

Let us know if you are thinking about changing your service. This could include adding sites, removing sites, upgrading service, adding another service, and any other changes. Email us at